25 Jul 2007


what is it about being accsued that we so detest?
i brought my son for a haircut his first at a salon. the experience was harrowing for both of us. i felt cheated and rushed. the dresser left the moment she flicked off the power switch. her unintersted colleague stood there to receive payment. i was miffed so i said: i dont feel this is worth my seven dollars.
after all, her partner did not even bother to wrap us in the usual large piece of fabric and so i had hair all over me (even if its my sweet son's hair!)
guess what happens next? she said 'madam how can you say you dont want to pay"
i was taken aback; tried to explain myself and she stood her ground "you say you dont want to pay"
so i raised my voice and said " that's not what i said"
she shot back "o you talk so loudly to me.."
this incredibly absurd exchange nearly ruined my day.
as i thought about it; i wondered why i did raise my voice.....
i think we all get defensive when we are accused. justice seems to be hardwired into us. of course, in the course of 'life' we get used to different meanings, standards and nuances of justice...
but we hate being accused!!... we really want to set things right. somehwere, someone must set things right - one day.

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