24 Sep 2007

aura photo headshot?

there were these two photos aligned for comparison: one with, another without - aura! yup, that's the new thing to hit spas. find out your aura and improve everything from circulation to waist-line!
this prompted my mind to recall a Q my seven-year-old posed to me just recently: why did adam and eve eat from the tree of theknowledge of good and evil? why didn't they eat from the other tree?
i told her i dont know. but one thing i do know: we can see the effects of that decision everyday.
i mean, isn't it true that we humans live on the brink of finding that one more piece of information that can make life healthier, happier and richer? from auras to patents to spirituality - we are continually on a hunt for the better, stronger, wiser, more efficient way to go about life.
which makes us run like mice on the ever-turning threadmill of effort.
i better sign off before i my writing leads me to some premature conclusion about how this would all turn out better...if only we knew...

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