14 Sep 2007

solve this problem or shape a life?

some organisations have a fire-fighting modus operandi.

but it ain't they that run this way. for many of us, life seems to be lived perpetually at problem-solving mode.

a friend's marriage was falling apart - not that it was much of a marriage in the first place..so we took the problem-solving approach. but alas, we seemed to have solved a present problem but failed to address the deeper root issue. we could not get near it with a ten-foot pole. in a society that values success; having problems is ok, but looking for the disease at the roots is a totally different and wholly unwelcome proposition!

and so, he begins another relationship.
he feels he is entitled at another go (his third). he will do better. learnt a thing or two from the last mess anyway...

fly in the face of all probability my friend - and sorry shall the outcome be.

Now i know. we are like trees. with need for strong roots.
and a reliable water & nutrient source.
but -- o, here's another problem blinking on my radar.

wiser now, i want to look at roots: mine and others.

and be willing to do the hard work of digging around, overuturning soil, getting dirty and sweaty.

problems can be solved with enough money, right connections, sheer determination; perhaps. But the shape a life takes on is a daily, intentional, thoughful, and at times painful process. it requires we excise some things, shake off others, and even turn tails and run at times. it requires we re-arrange our layout and re-define our frames of references. it requires we ask often and wait for our answer: why?

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