30 Oct 2008

away from city! and other ideas

City life has become the epitome of power, prestige and pleasure. Bright lights, action, colour, hype..everything it seems comes from the city. So we keep flocking to form them, to be a part of one. it's a strange thing really. yes cities are exciting; but when it comes down to it, what human beings all over the world needs are food, friends and purpose. The city is rather a poor offerer of these things. So few jobs in the city actually produce food for example. I sometimes worry for Singapore since we rely almost completely for imports - to eat and just be alive.

I heard on the BBC that scientists with The Living Planet calculated that modern lifestyles will deplete earth's resources in 30 years! we either change or we better get lucky and inherit another similarly endowed planet.

Wow. i was driving my daughter back from school. i feel bad that at 8 years of age her carbon footprint is already so huge; even though we use very little air-con and the car ride is 10 minutes.
perhaps it's time for some radical ideas that will truly make the world a better place.

Everyone goes to a school nearby and walk - this means more exercise, more conversations and less traffic snarls.
Every product gets an innivation quota. Make no more than 5 new handphone models a year - this forces companies to actually make real innovations that count; not fancy footowork. We go for substance than sleek. We also work less crazy hours and have more time to live.
Every economy and industry submit a bi-annual audit of how they are contributing to the world's growth and health. - this makes coutrnies alrge and small think globally in more responsible terms and combats insular and short-term vision.

For a start: these ideas are really mad; but i keep thinking, why not? Who says that healthy = consumer confidence = spending?
Actually i dont feel very confident as a consumer these days: i dont know the quality of what i am buying any more! from whether it is safe to consume to whether it's truly worth my dollar...

IF you like these ideas, pass them on! Add on to them and write me!

to be fully alive!

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