8 Jul 2009

coming together..

Over and over i see them: people.
my heart beats and skips as i sense the cry for meaning, rescue and healing..
i pray, entertain wild ideas, and then over the months, i became convinced that we all need to become Foot Soliders. Yup, those that walk on the job or do the work on the go...
Chrsitians already know we are meant to 'go'....but we arent quite going...because:
1 we are so frightened; the postmod milieu does not make it easier
2 we worry we will fail get rejected etc
3 we dont know what to do
4 we are too busy serving in church
5 we have so many problems of our own

so we do the occasional thing: invite to events etc..which we all know by now does not produce solid disciples unless they are then carefully followed up...

two books i read - miles apart - gave me ideas: Treasure Hunt by Bill Johnson and The Insider by Jim Petersen and Mike Shamy.
i feel it coming together
i want to get ready to be a foot soldier

perhaps this is also why i sense so clearly God told me NEVER be busy filling up your days with actitivies one after another.. it gives me space to hear HIm, to read, reflect and to make time for others...

o i sure hope i overcome my own limitations, OBEY and rise above my own narrow horizons..and have plenty adventures to share...!!

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