22 Jul 2012

None of my business..?

It was bound to happen. Unhappy experiences where we feel things could be done better. The question is do we give the feedback - especially when it probably won't face us again? Should we improve things for -- others?

my mom with my lil girl...long ago! 

Last week i bought a hot drink from a vending machine. It was HOT! i nearly burnt my fingers. Seeing the pool admin staff walk by, i told her about the piping hot cup i was hoping not to drop on some running kid. She blandly said, 'we told them already' and then 'no' when i asked if she had a spare cup to help me hold that brimming cup-of-danger.

What? Pay for a way-too-hot drink, risk burning my fingers, needing to figure how to feed it to my kid...and this attitude? I admit i got too tired to implement my thought to ask her to put up a notice that says 'beware! drinks are very hot!

The other times it had to do with school. My son was leaving kindergarten so it won't impact him; but the school needed to know that some of what it did was counter-productive. Such as having a library period which lasted like 5 minutes where kids are whizzed in and out, their library cards, books all managed by the teacher...and how are they supposed to develop a love and respect for books?

I told the teacher anyway.

Because, we can each help make the systems work better. It may not seem to benefit me directly but then:
1.  I am contributing to my society's betterment.
2.  I model social consciousness for my child.
3.  It strengthens the community when communicated kindly.
4.  Everyone needs to know their work is noticed and taken seriously.

So at risk of being a kaypo (busybody), it's good to voice concern and give feedback. We live together and can make our world a lil tad better if we don't only look out for our interest alone.

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