11 Jan 2013

for Heaven's sake!

Heaven - we worry abt relating to others and we tell nervous jokes about ending up as neighbours to those we tolerate on earth.

But what of the Resident, the owner of heaven; the maker and King over all? How prepared are we to live with Him?

If our eternal future is to be at home with our Maker, how much of our lives are seen and lived through this lens?

I think of the trials we undergo; those pains of broken-heartedness, the ache of disappointment, the crises of God-silence...

We try hard to explain why things happen, why people behave the way they did, how God could use us more when we emerge from the valleys...

This stays on the outward course; looking still at performance, outcomes and what we-can-do.
But perhaps God's heart is more about who we become and what we cherish:

-children deeply adoring and happily dependent on their Father.

-Servants who know Jesus' heart and ways and flow gladly with His Spirit of Grace and truth, nearly oblivious to the demands and pressures of tradition, systems and persons.

-Leaders who carry a burning vision kept aflame by God's personal supply of fuel , faces reflecting joy that comes from the confidence of a battle won.

It is about embracing the incredible invitation to enter the eternal fellowship of the Triune God and drink of the never-ending love that exists there.

It is about trusting the wondrous purposes of God and letting our hearts made for him... begin to grow larger to contain more of Him!

Look forward to heaven by living full and free now- held and led by Love. 

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