4 Feb 2013

Oops! My feet are in my way!

Baby feetI read a marvelous rendition of a verse of Psalm 25 today:

I keep my eyes on God
I won't trip over my own feet

Well that was pretty spot on. Sure-footed I am not feeling. And the diagnostic is accurate too. My eyes have been glancing wildly at shadows real and imagined that remind me that I am not so great at decision-making, administration, sustaining my steps...opening wide the door to that grim enemy of our souls: fear.

Do you trip over your own feet?

I do it not only at heart level; but being the un-athletic-sort, i have actually literally tripped myself during one of those mad dashes for the finishing line. Thankfully i did not fall face-flat on the hot, hard track.
Today, thankfully, this verse reminds me I have not yet fallen and do not need to!

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  1. Jenni,

    I'm so not sure-footed that I broke my toe last summer walking into a door! What a beautiful interpretation of scripture. Thanks for linking up at Family Fun Friday at http://HappyandBlessedHome.com
    God Bless! ~ Monica


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