3 Apr 2013

A! Moments with God: 3 simple steps...

This simple 3 part time with God is easy to use and gets us to core transformative habits: gratitude, Grace, and trust. Try it and tell me about your experience! 

- taking time to just appreciate where  you are at, and not at(!), people in your life, and pray blessing over them. i also took time to appreciate God Himself.

- is being quiet and still so the noises of your soul emerges..and u listen to the tunes: is it playing fear, worry, restlessnes...? Ask the Spirit to point the way. our current state predisposes us to choices and consequences. so anticipating is both looking within and looking ahead. at times the Spirit wants to highlight what lies ahead in our path and grant us wisdom to navigate with sensitivity and courage...

- in Scripture* and prayer..continue with what u are reading or ask for a word...and lay down your defenses and choose trust.

*continue with current readings or try out the following: Psalm 16, 23, 139; John 15; 1 John 1.

(a repost prompted by a Quiet Morning I will be leading for 30 women & a few men!)


  1. Like the triple A acronyms to get right to the core! Easy to remember. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, yes, it was a gift - came to me one morning when I was trying to find some shape to being quiet. Share more of your experience sometime! Bless you.


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