25 Apr 2013

Keep Calm and..

CALM, calm?!

where do we find C-A-L-M  in our clam fisted, clammed hearts, clammed-jammed calendar world? 

Good grief, i got this image off a site called: "keep calm-o-matic" where they are busily tracking every parody of this basic image and idea.

I decide to make one for myself. See:

Because this is what it is about for me now! 

If anything changes when I am not calm; it is my voice - tone, quality, speed, and volume! Talk louder so he can hear me. Repeat again, and again (also known as nagging) because the kids are not getting it. Counter-productive.

In fact, i sheepishly recall that i had advised in my book to 'talk about A when she is interested in A' - sage advice for communication. But guess what? Time marches relentless on, things are piling on the table, one can nearly feel the inbox bulging with fresh mails, another SMS to say she forgot something....and augh, i forgot to moisturise again... !

So all the words about B, C, D...undone, poorly done,..all the words, not chosen, erupt, tumble out - here and there and fall down in all the places that do not welcome them. Things remain the same except for the temperature in the home and the racing blood coursing through hardening veins.

It starts with KEEP:
i return to the truth that I am not fixer or keeper. Everything slips out of my hands too easy. Remember the old word 'safe-keeping'? Well, i turn to the One who keeps it all safe, who safe-keeps; full of wonder and wisdom; and i hand it all over, all again. Then --

CALM re-enters me and I am freed from my worst self.

And I have been consistently surprised it all works better. my heart-rate is more even, i can pay attention and write my blog(!), sip my tea slowly, sit by the angst-sy teen's bed and listen to talk, hand out clear boundaries for the itchy seven-year old buttocks to remain on the chair....

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