24 Jul 2013

We Have A Word For It !

Enough Series no. 2

I came across this word months back and printed it and put in on my wall: 
וּ׃דיֵנ   DAYAENU

It's the Hebrew word for 'enough'; 
which really today should be read "ENOUGH (already)!"

We have way too many :

things- each phone model churns out accessories we cannot even find landfills for
conveniences - to be convenient we need some intermediary like another page to bookmark
expectations - clue: unhappiness is proportionally related to what we feel we deserve
complaints (twin sister of expectations) - it's everywhere in the air
unmet needs - smart TV, that spa experience, that fulfilling job, the perfect parent, mate...

I was musing over the humble packet of tissue. It traces back to paper pulp and hence eventually to a tree somewhere. My mother used to carry a simple square handkerchief which also served as a purse at times. Today, the average woman's bag has a pouch for this, that, and wallet, purse, key holder, phone case... It's getting so that we need a bag organiser which makes it easy for us to simply plop everything in the many compartments; pull the whole thing out and put it in a whole new different bag for a whole new look (which is really less powerful than one's outlook).

The water and detergent needed to wash the humble hanky and then let generous Sun dry it surely will never equal the energy and raw materials used to create and replace all the many purses and pouches we have today.

Enough -- is said in practically all languages:






כמות מספקת, מידה מספקת




آن قدر

ما يكفي (arabic)

đủ (Vietnamese)

کافی (Turkish)

Tillräckligt (Swedish)


Digon o

Go leor






just that it isn't common use anymore.

That day weeks ago when i discovered the word, i heard an invitation to cease, to desist and to resist. Yet it wasn't like a huge battle or something. It's more like settling back in a chair after a decent meal and saying, "thank you very much, that was very adequate and satisfying", then breathing deep and even slouching a little in my chair, all content.

What do you need to say ENOUGH to?

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