31 Mar 2014

Journey #8

Water flows downwards, just like Grace.

But sometimes, the water curls around and it is forced to stop because it cannot find a downward path to keep going. God, the Source doesn't overpower us. Instead, the water flow begins to slow to a trickle...

And this isn't always out-and-out sin. At times it is a kind of sin of omission. We omit the power of Grace in our lives.

In John 8, the 'right and holy' gang drags a woman caught in sin before Jesus and expects him to condemn her - thus showing that he is somewhat in their camp, at least in such an obvious instance. The story tells us that Jesus astounded them with his very essence: Grace and Truth {John 1v14}. He does not condone sin, but he refuses to let it be the last word where there is a willingness to repent. In fact, the woman was so scared to death, we really don't have any indications of her true spiritual state except to deduce it from Jesus' words to her to "go now and leave your life of sin". He saw in her the possibility of conversion and transformation. The right and holy gang did not receive such words, for they have already skulked away - turning their backs on both truth and grace.

Sometimes, we stay in the dead corner of reviewing our mistakes, going over our mis-steps, flip that dusty file of our misjudgment and mismanagement.... We feel sure our mistakes are staring at us in the eyes of others; and we basically condemn ourselves. We stick our finger in the sand and scribble furiously away even as the Master steps up close to offer us truth, and grace.

This is when the Water cannot reach deep. We have decided we don't deserve more.

Pour out your soul to the LORD. Let your tears drain away all that chokes you up and let Living Water flow right into you again, and again, and again.

Let truth gird you like a belt and Grace garland you and draw attention to your beauty; you made in God's image, called to be His own, chosen before the world began, destined for Kingdom!

Pause / Selah / Drink {click to hear a wonderful song by Sherman Wong}

Bless you dear soul !


  1. we must remind ourselves that the Lord will not turn away a broken and contrite heart (Psalm 51:17). So if and when we fall, we should say to ourselves "try again...try again". =) Thankful to God.
    ~ Yip

  2. try again, and trust again! thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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