30 Jan 2015

There's always music with that flutter. {Feb Love series}

Today, I share some beautiful music I found ~

Just click on here:

(the 4th tune is a bit edgy so you may want to skip it)

As the music surrounds you, remember LOVE is real, powerful, and beckons. It is also described by two crazed lovers in Holy Writ like this -

love is strong as death,
jealousy is fierce as the grave.
its flashes are flashes of fire,
the very flame of the LORD
~ Song of songs 8v6

(new american standard version)

- this was my wedding text but I never heard it preached as the speaker used another text ! -

But I tell you what. 
I have glimpsed, tasted, been scorched by Love's strength. The way God refuses to let go, the way He sticks around, holds me steady, chastises and reminds me I am first and foremost His. His beloved. His. Through His gift of Jesus, I have become one of His children; and I am destined to love like He does.

His Love flashes like fire, it does, to burn up my hazy commitment, my sloppy, silly and even stupid moments of infidelity.

Love is


Yes. He Does. Every Day. Even Now.
(even the guys!)

God wants to restore us to who He sees us.
Yes. This.
( I find it hard to stomach this too)

and now, for some quieter music to let
come close
Agnus Dei

The Love series begins in a few days.

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