20 Sep 2016

Navigating those steps in my unfolding destiny

When God wanted Adam and Eve to face the truth of their lives; He asked them a question: where are you?

God of course knew where they are. The question is: they needed to know.
They needed to know and confess that they are hiding.
They needed to know and confess that they are hiding because of what they have done.
They needed to know and realize what that hiding would mean for their future.

Similarly, if we want to take steps that are in sync with the Spirit who is working to unfold our destiny, we need to ask some relevant and revealing questions of ourselves.

In this and the next post, I want to share  4 questions we can use that will help us look deeper and realise where we may be at. I hope you will print/draw and place them somewhere you will remember to look at, pause and consider.

Q1. What is my current assignment and am i doing it with my whole heart?

At the end of the day, Jesus tells us he will look at our deeds. They matter because our deeds are an indication and manifestation of our values and priorities. God says that we cannot claim to love Him and fail to love those around us.
God has given each of us gifts, opportunities and even suffering to steward. As we accept and labour, we are being trained and transformed. 
God has given us a mandate to steward the earth: our relationships, resources and this physical earth. If we cannot be trusted with what we have been entrusted; God will not enlarge the scope of our stewardship; and He wants to! This is not a matter or pride, but a matter of real needs that need to be met by women (and men) who are ready to act. 

Q2. How can I keep my heart pure to be able to hear God? 
Everyday, our heart not only pumps millions of times to keep us alive, it also absorbs a lot from all we experience. Our hearts are often cluttered and burdened with hurt, anger, sadness, regret, and doubt. Carrying around a heavy heart will affect our ability to commune with God deeply and hear him.
Find a way to be still and hear your own heart, to unburden yourself regularly before God. The early Christians did this every evening with a short time of quiet meditation. Can you include something like this in your system of discipline?

I will share 2 more helpful Qs in the next post. To make sure you get it, type your email in the box provided on the right bar.

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