3 May 2017

Announcing MEWSINGS: Life Lessons from a cat (co-written with my cat)

You read that right.

If you are not quite an animal lover type, please do bear with me.

But here are the indisputable facts: For several weeks, my cat responded to my 'come Chat's, it's time to write your book' by getting off her hindquarters and joining me in my study. I sit at my PC and she sits in my prayer chair.

No kidding. When I stall and start Facebook-ing, I often turn around to see her giving me her classic 'what do you think you are doing' look.

She was listening to my ideas, responding with eye squints, swishes of her tail or even turning her head away.

Alright, she was probably responding to my enthu. But hey, NO TREATS WERE INVOLVED. I resorted not to any form of bribery in the least. Praises, hugs and chin rubs are not bribes. They are communications of affection.

Now that you know the back story, get ready to read/share/love:

Print versions: order by sending an email to me at jhohuan@gmail.com
Introductory offer of S$12/ including postage (Singapore only)

Ebook versions at:




Chats has a lovely story and sensible wisdom that young and old can lap up.
Help spread the word!

Jenni & Chats

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