19 Oct 2007

on gaiety

I signed the petition to retain the penal code. Why? because of what it stands for. those who argue for the law to be repealed insist that from pactical reality; such a law is obsolete. True, criminalising something does not make it go away. Plus we do have the challenge of enforcement.
But wait! Should the law and media only reflect reality? Should they not also hold up an ideal for society to aspire towards? perhaps it is to our common loss that some things have become obsolete?
If push comes to shove, can we be honest that some of us want to dream and pursue wholeness while others prefer to operate at a more material level?
The fact is, when we pare the law down to the material level, we have done total injustice to an entire segment of humankind! We have denied ourselves the freedom to dream and long for perfection, beauty, harmony, and truth. How can that serve humanity well in the long view? [actually behind this whole let the law reflect what is happening is a way of thinking that what is, is best - a highly unstable position to assume if you knew the second law of thermodynamics]

Further, there is place for mutual and deepening understanding; if we give it a chance. There are gays who also want to pursue a more idealised state of life with covenantal faithfulness. I am married and find this whole till-death-do-us-part deal no piece of fruit cake. We can sit down and talk about what we desire in common: being faithful; why we find it a challenge and how we plan to make it through.

Keep the law, it's there for an august purpose. Live your life; but be honest and serious about what you are pursuing and be open to hear, learn and change.

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