The most frequent Q I get: 

"how long did it take you to write the book?"

Here is the {almost} answer from one of my fav guys, Jeff Goins: 

a lot can get in the way

Meanwhile, I'd love for you to journey with me. 
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Of Reading & Writing

1)  March 7th is World Book Day 

Share a fav book with someone and spread the wonder, joy, and power of good writing! I'd be thrilled to bits if you chose to give away one of my books.

If you enjoy a little self-analysis on how you read: three types of readers.

2) A writer's habits and hubris

I want to, and need to work at my writing! The strategy involves some hair-pulling juggling of time, energy and zeal...to 

- practice writing (still wondering if my facebook titbits count but they keep me feeling somewhat clever haha)

- write articles for passion and for the purse (the latter never really happens ever)

- keep track of those writing ideas/thoughts/words... (writers have so many folders it's a marvel we can trace, track and trim them! Please allow me to resort to this: LOL!)

- PRAY send out proposals for critique, for actual publishers to consider, for the rare contest where they may even be remotely interested in what I write....(but then, why not? i want to write about Truth..)

Some questions that regularly return:
- should I find myself an agent? (a tad difficult for my genre honestly) 
- should I specialize more - like romance novels [NO! gotcha!]...
- How to stay alive when it doesn't put actual food on the table very often...

The thing that holds me steady in this is TRUST - that doors will open, promptings and guidance comes...strength and resolve falls from heaven.....BUT i need prayers, prayers to stay anchored and calm!

3) Attending / Speaking at Writing Conferences

Was at the Asian Festival for Children's Content. Spoke a tad nervously about happiness in children as the necessary foundation of other life attributes including resilience and emotional intelligence...and then went to several sessions, informative, funny and prosaic..

... and came back with a thousand lights blinking in my lil head.. wondering how on earth I am even going to follow through on just one of those possibilities! 

Which will turn out to be a rabbit trail? As usual, this fear and the attendant, 'i cannot afford to waste my time' cry is already beginning to undo the enthu  I recovered for writing; and the fresh belief that i can write for all ages...

If you have thoughts on this, i'd love to hear it! 

  So many lights...
  so many ideas but to let one pick my      heart and stay with it -- as my heart  wakes,   breaks and finds the beat......a  little help God!

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  1. Just found you via Frédérica Matthews Green post on FB.

    Following ...

    Inspiration should never be ignored. It is God speaking, but we must always discern the still small voice.


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