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Being a Christian is hard.

But could it be because we don't quite get what God wants to give us? After all, we opted for peace, joy and eternal life.

Jenni takes us on a journey peppered with personal stories where we peel off our over-familiar lenses to see with fresh eyes to discover what it may all mean; and what we must therefore do in response. 

High energy, crisp and full of possibilities!

also available in Bahasa Indonesia

... an honest look at how hard it can sometimes get as a woman and a wife ~

and how God shapes us into our true uniqueness in Him through the questions and pains...

a guide towards silence in order to 
experience genuine transformation

co-written with my cat Chats
reflections on life and love

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1. When God Shapes a w.i..f.e.

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2. Simple Tips for Happy Kids

3. Shed Those Leaves

Local Writers have it hard unless your name's initials are L-K-Y! 

A publisher tells me that after less than a week, if a book does not quite 'move' it loses its shelf space! 

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The following information will be very helpful when you request an order:
title | publisher
Shed Those Leaves | WordEditions Ltd  
When God Shapes a w.i.f.e.  | Armour Publishing
Simple Tips for Happy Kids | WriteEditions Ltd
Be Still And Know | Armour Publishing