Soul-Care ministry

My vision is to help you take care of the deepest and truest part of you: your soul, for everything of life springs from it.

You want to learn how to quieten your soul and learn to enjoy spending time with God.

We gather as a group but spend personal time with God. Then we gather back (optional) to share our experiences.

"I felt very calm...  for several hours afterwards, and it made me realise that if I do spend quality time with The Lord (instead of multi-tasking) He will spend time with me!" ~ HT

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You are not sure what is going on in your life and your soul feels stirrings and restlessness. You need to talk about your relationship with God or the meaning of your life's season. 
I will listen to you and with the Holy Spirit's guidance, help you make sense of your story, identify God's Grace at work and how you can co-operate with it. Each conversation lasts about 80 minutes. 

"I found it extremely helpful to explore my thoughts and issues that were weighing on me. Being seen, heard and understood in that way helped to lend both renewed clarity and also encouragement that I'm not nuts for thinking and feeling the way I do! I gained both insight and  Jenni posed me questions which helped me see more of what God's actually doing in my life, gain new perspectives and identify some practical ways forward." ~ SM

When: by appointment
Fee: S$100
PM me:

You have an intentional growth desire and need to develop a plan and be encouraged to see it through. Write to Jenni and she will prayerfully consider a structured-term relationship of mentoring. There is a first meeting to assess your need and the fit for Jenni to mentor you. After the first session, you will have some resources to continue your journey.

When: by appointment
Fee: S$80 (first meeting)
PM me:

4. SPIRITUAL RETREATS (Individual or Group)
You know you need to take a break to find your anchor, to refresh your spiritual life or to just break free from some patterns. I offer an annual year-end retreat, specially for those without prior experience. Ask to be placed on the mailing list for retreat details. 

You can also gather at least 5 others and request for a short 3D2N retreat to be organised for your group.


Consider supporting Jenni's ministry of message ( books by Jenni) for our hungry and fractious world. You can also gain insights by following Jenni on:

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"Every page and chapter is enjoyable with its simple illustration and easy to understand. Usually thick books full of words dread me because I'm a visual person. Thanks to Jenni's practical explanation, parenting seems better for me." ~ TT

Do you need me to bring a word of truthful hope and encouragement? I speak at church pulpits, small groups and women's groups. My passion is to help the Christian experience and respond to God's love in practical living. 

For more information & helpful articles and videos, visit Churchlife Resources


You are a leader and you face challenges within and around you. Get in touch for a Soul Conversation or for a possible Mentoring relationship. 

You can also request to be placed on a mailing list that ONLY sends out emails when there are upcoming teaching sessions and retreats (which will be a few times a year). 

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