30 Oct 2020

Notes from a Pandemic to help us To Really Live in 2021

 Ok, that's a tad of a bold claim.

But that's the heart of this blog, of all I write, and this ebook experiment.

A bit of backstory about ebooks -

In 2017 I felt my writing well was rather dry so I gave myself permission to write something fun. The result was MEWSINGS - which involved three things:

(1) learning to self-publish

(2) helping an injured  migrant worker with some income as he sketches from photos of Chats

(3) gifting copies to SPCA for their funders


2020 the year of Clarity everyone had opined, is really been forcing us to see many things we have rather ignored, distract ourselves from, swept under the carpet.

Throughout this year, and especially during the first two months as the reality of a Pandemic unfolded before a shocked world, quite unprepared for this scale of disruption, I wrote bits and bytes to make sense of it all.

The result, among other things, is this little ebook: 

Notes From A PAN*IC ..*dem: getting ready for a new normal

My hope is that it can be useful for you to take stock and make some choices that will help you to really live, free, fierce and joyously fiery into 2021.

And honestly, this is how I feel about it all --

stay well,