2 Oct 2008

on ze rocks!

i cannot believe it!
well, every so often i love to read about writers and artists...lifted and inspired to rarefied heights by their words and works; i am stumped by the frequency these wonderful beings are described by biographers as 'divorced' or had had 'a difficult relationship'.
i wonder what the connection is that causes these seekers of truth and beauty to suffer relational trouble.
perhaps it is in relationships that we are confronted most acutely with truth and beauty - or the lack thereof.
For an artist, the lack is not merely icing on the cake. it is the cake!
is that it?

tell me your thoughts!


  1. Perhaps it has to do with the inner drive for perfection which energizes them to succeed in their craft but stretches their relationships to tearing point.

  2. coz people who write feel a lot.
    and so we mull and mull on our relationship problems,
    instead of bringing it to God.
    and the more we inspect and dissect a problem the bigger it seems,
    until we say:"Ugh! I don't want to live with it anymore."
    but we forget EVERY relationship has problems;
    our children,eg, give us problems, but it's never an option to disown them. :-)


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