15 Apr 2010

Tripping Point

Many have read Malcolm's bestseller Tipping Point...very potent observation about life. It is true: life is made up of moments and the momentous - the one leading to, defining and blending in to the other.
There is one other way to see it too. i call it the Tripping Point.
This is the way we think that trips us up again and again..so we make very little real progress...
Some common TPs are:

someone we cannot forgive
a memory we cannot let go of
an experience we use to define life
stupid thought connections because we are hurt and in pain
bad habits

I have become very aware of these TPs in my life these past two years. i resented their exposure at first (thankfully it's a personal disclosure direct from Him) ..but hey who am i kidding? my kids, spouse and probably a few girlfriends can see me tripping up.....again!

Getting past these TPs?
1. recognise them
2. accept them but dont let them define you or your future
3. get help to respond to them in real time, quick time - a verse from the Bible plastered on your screens (of mind, mobile and mirror), a friendly once-a-month coffee date to check in, pulling back being quiet to face the truth, not running too fast!

Let me hear from you please.

For a steady walk and graceful gait!


  1. Thanks for this Pst Jenni. =) Still working through many of those tripping points....some of them are so hard, and especially when daily demands and the little everyday things sweep you off your feet and thus those TPs get swept swiftly under the carpet..or shelved in the KIV folder..:( And thus, your point #3 was such an important reminder. May the Lord be merciful..

  2. I like that...the Tripping Point! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and for joining High Calling Blogs. Blessings to you!

  3. Bouncing over from HCB!

    Tipping points? Oh, I could go on and on, but you are right on in not letting them define your life. It is so easy to let some of our nasty stuff keep us down.

  4. Thanks for the post. Yep, you are correct. There are things that we just can't seem to let go of and we keep going over and over in our mind about them. I think you are correct in that we need to recognize them and avoid them if possible. The only way really to get over them is focus on God and what he is doing. Simpler to say then to do, but focusing on God through his power ... is a proven road to victory though not always easy and the victory is not always predictable...anyway my thoughts.


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