16 Jun 2010

high school 'musical'?

Last week was really fun. We had gone to Port Dickson to speak at a church camp, found ouserlves in a beautiful marina hotel..and i found old friends from my jr college days! Some of the memories remain fresh in my mind..
hunting for Lana choc cake for a friend
watching endless rugby matches
singing in our musical - the Vision singers i think we were called
moments of encounter with GOD at our fellowship (saints for Christ!)..

it's been two decades+ !... these few i meet are married, have jobs and walk with the LORD. am so happy for them all.

makes me think again of some others..precious individuals who touched my life. when can i get a chance to tell them?
we so often realise what people mean to us only when we/they have moved on..

today, people move even faster and more often. already my daughter has seen friends uproot, emigrate, change schools/church... and she is only ten. i am sure i never encountered any of that at her age. will it add to her rootlessness? or make her hunger for connection and intimacy and set her up for dangerous liasions?

I am glad she comes to me for hugs still. may my hugs never fail her. and my embrace and welcome never cease.

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