13 Feb 2012

Valentine's? Valentine's!

We don't really do Valentine's.
You have heard the reasons: cost, mush, rush, hush..
but really, it's a tad too lovey-dovey for us; we who are white knuckled from our grips...it's a bit too much to gaze, adore, fawn..when there is so much everyday to get through.
But guess what?
we are going for a dinner tonight. A Valentine's dinner!
I was almost afraid to ask. I who long for, fight, resist, and...all wrangled in my little girl fears..
how do we live with such hope and dread, fancy and frustration, anticipation and anxiety?  All of it all at once sometimes.
this invasion needs a countermanding Presence that brings quiet, calm and ...peace.
for it takes peace to receive and give love - and have a great Valentine's day dinner!

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