20 Apr 2012

Hermit me?

The local trains have been breaking down - something highly unacceptable in first world, super efficient Singapore where waiting is nearly anathema. But as I read the news and sense the frustration; something struck me -- I am not affected by it. Of course there is relief. Being one of a sightly different skein anyway, life by commute and cubicle is not my cup of tea.

But it also got me thinking if I am a bit too removed from what my fellow residents of this busy city go through...

The definition of a hermit is "any person living in solitude" (Oxford). Hmm.
The more popular notion is of someone distant, out of touch and a bit off-key with average humanity. Not exactly a term of endearment!

I suspect many stay-home-moms (or other kinds of caregivers and those with a vocation that isnt the typical 9-5 arrangement) can at times feel rather cut off. I have commiserated with other moms about how lost we feel in the shopping district Orchard Road.

If being a hermit is to prefer solitude, then in many ways I am. The extrovert no less. Solitude is a habit that becomes a posture that becomes a shape. It is the habit of perferring and so making time to turn inward toward self in examination and upward in adoration. Good hermits do not encrust with hard unfeeling shells. Instead, the journey into the deep parts of life; my life, reveals the dark and light shades that would otherwise be neatly cubby-holed as right/wrong/trendy/etc.

Upon further reflection too, i realise that I observe, understand and have the boldness to speak about life and into lives precisely because i am not too enmeshed and needy of it.

My heart goes out to those whose schedules, plans and people to attend to get disrupted. It is truly a test of our resolve and intentions. How much will we pursue our plans when the trains don't bring us there with ease and on time?

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