14 Jun 2012

Mad about Grace and Women

Well this must be it: I am a woman, and I really feel like I have rediscovered, no, uncovered Grace. I am mad  excited about the two subjects: women (and marriage or not, children or not etc..) and Grace.

this is a fractal image....something from Higher Math !
I am madder still that I cannot take leave from everything to work it through..and let it weave itself into a tome of sound proportions (aka a book)!

What tension! To know, and want to dig and find and share and not being able to - and yet, understanding too that the subject is not for fancy mindwork but for heartwork and soulwork that happens in the everyday!

I am reminded of what A Testament of Devotion has taught : we live at two levels at the same time.
Just as we live in betwxit...

the now and the coming
the seen and the unseen
the believed in and the perceived
the desired for and the running away

Which end anchors and gives us protection as we move around the space called Betwixt?

Another book* I am reading reminds us that we live at the same time between:

our sin issues
our becoming like Christ

Yes, the truth must anchor us and help us interpret and navigate..and in the quiet of the truth's strength, we make our choices and responses and shape that which we see, feel and fear..and the truth will trump if we but rest in its Grace to work upon our inner landscapes.

The great truth as I learn and think and pray and write is that Truth is seeking me out and wanting a listener, a believer, and then, when deemed trustworthy, a spokesperson. So i will stew on these Womanhood and Grace until I burst and it all leaks over everyone I meet....and write until it all comes together.

Mercy on me.

* The Kingdom Life

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