28 Aug 2012

dusty days

note:this is an OLD post but when i was labeling today, it jumped here!

Literal dust is what i fear these days. I am expecting a lot of it as the Indian chaps enter my home with (what? only ONE screwdriver?) and a pneumatic drill. So i have been on a back-breaking frenzy to cover everything thing up, bought and used up more masking tape than ever before in my life, shove everything that would fit into the other rooms..and, move all the human inhabitants away!

So here we are learning to live in Grace with in-laws, where i encounter more dust - this time of a different speci. This kind is aka memories and habits. The heart breaking work this time is to rein in my heart, soul and mind and maintan a posture of gratitude (we are in asylum here), and even as the Spirit reminded me, believe for new, better memories.

Finally, in a time of need, there is always that one person i long for: mom. But she is not physically available to me anymore.

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