5 Sep 2012

What kind of Brave?

A brave review

You've probably seen the movie. 

The plot is simple, straightforward and plain, the fun light and predictable. A princess is asked by her mom to marry in order to secure the kingdom but the gal won't and things get bad and messy....

Over our post-movie meal, we asked why they called it 'brave'? (harking back to another hit also set in Scotland, Braveheart perhaps?).

Well, I thought the different characters give us different Flavours of brave. The triplets are the brave young uns whose courage lies in their childhood which is still devoid of any real threats ands upsets. A reckless bravery. Father Fergus is the typical 'bring them on' brave with mostly brawn. Mom's courage lies in her steely determination to steer her progeny especially her firstborn towards her  kingly heritage while Merida's form is to throw caution to the wind, live with abandon and courageously mine the giddiest experiences-very teenage.

Their brave-flavours and the beliefs that underlie them clash and slash the precious bond. There is courage that reeks of pride and is in the end self-motivated and little less.

The climatic turn is the opportuity to discover and pursue true courage: admitting one's selfishness, riding helter-skelter in the rain, working, and holding on to the hope of a redeemed future.
This is the final scene where Merida sews the torn tapestry, galloping madly against time and rain...crying for a chance to fight and make it all right once again.
What are we willing to fight for? What kind of brave are we?

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