18 Oct 2012

If i could be a travel-holic!

That's what i'd like to be.
- and just maybe, some day i shall be!

It's always been there. Since i first discovered there was a larger world beyond the many floors of my block of flats, beyond the long straight road daily filled with bicyles, lorries and more..when with each TV show and documentary, the world: distant lands, strange faces and deep seas beckon to me.

There is so much! This probably struck me deeply as I grew up with so little. Hardly any toys, two good dresses, and many days a semi-filled stomach. It was not lack but wonder - a drawing. I did not want to strike it rich to travel and taste and see; it was just the latter, and I am ok with how it came my way.

My first ever trip outside of Singapore was to visit the mountainous drug-producing region called the Golden Triangle in North Thailand. I had worked several months teaching tuition to small kids and raised enough for the journey. My first flight! My first real sense that I was going to die in a foreign land too...and at age seventeen, it seemed more adventure than dread (and this because I wanted a more heroic departure).

In ten days' time, with my husband and children, we are visiting the vast, fascinating and very influential nation  called North America. Even as I write, my son is watching an American movie, I am staring at a Dell computer screen and then blogger and Google will collaborate to allow me to share this... I have so many feelings about this nation. I would prefer to slow jaunt through a small corner of it, sucking on the marrow and dancing to the soul-beat. But we have twenty-some days and two states and many miles to cover. I am sensing the destination is the journey and the experiences divinely appointed and mistake-empowered will shape and define this trip.

But just so, we must fight off  many well meaning suggestions, the easier routes and even the differing preferences of the troop! It is a trip for four, not just me, but I would hate for it to look in the end like a compromise where no one feels fully satisfied.

I talk to the troop about learning to enjoy each other's interests, sharing joys and sacrifice. I excite our hearts by linking our expectations and wishes to Goodness' gifts and reminding, first myself, that the trip is ours to figure -in response to kindness and Providence.

Bon Voyage to us!

[i am taking a blogging break at this time too. see you before 2012 folds!]

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