14 Jul 2013

..tempter's target....in the USA

Enough Series no.1

There was a good amount to be done ... But even all wound up with grief, conversations, and decisions...there were gaps; which the Singaporean lot of us took as cue to go shopping.

This plus my tween daughter's struggle to find clothes her size and our budget. So off we went to Target, a cosy commoner one-stop shop. Previous experience tells me there will be good finds. It's like going to Makota in Malacca I guess.

Quick as a flash, my daughter picked out five pieces per our agreement for less than sixty dollars, mostly from the Clearance racks.

Then the challenge began: while some of what we wanted to get was legitimate; the attractive prices, array of options, quality of products (even the Made in China ones looked better in the USA),  quickly bumped us all confused between needs and wants. Two distinct moments arose: I stopped my younger brother to remind him to do a currency conversion, I stopped myself to talk with God. The word came easily enough as I stood at aisle 18 (?). 

"You simply don't need this". No qualifications. 

I could do with quite a bit...or ..okay, I could not. Indeed, I do not. 

It's easy; if I didn't see the stuff, I really would live on very fine. Wait, that's how temptation works, isn't it?  

Reach for it

I believe it happened in primordial times and everyday since.

We returned with same suitcases, more filled  --- but better yet, a heart more satisfied that I paused, listened and obeyed.

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  1. Our country is difficult to live in for this reason.. the excesses are somehow justified and it's really rather overwhelming. Glad you resisted being led into temptation in spite of it all! Ha!


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