17 Mar 2014

Journey to the never-dried-up well #3

Welcome. Our basic format is:

The Word
I will be writing the reflections based on Scripture. You will need to read the scripture and let it sink it over the few days. This is a great way to know the Word better, deeper.

As you look over the reflections and let the Holy Spirit of truth lead you, God will take your hand to look at your life through his eyes. It will be 40 days of coming to know yourself better – through God’s eyes of love, compassion and freedom-bringing truth.

Your truth
Consider how Jesus is drawing you to the Well to drink...and take steps...

More with God's people
We are all encouraged by fellow travelers; so may I urge you to write short notes in the comment. Sometimes a comment by a fellow Christian can really lift us up. This way you will also realize that there are others on this journey too. 

Now, for these next few days ~

The Word

We were last at a real well, retold to us in John 4, where Jesus offered living water. The next few days let us hang out with Jesus as he walks the shoreline of lake Galilee and teach in her towns. 

Jesus' heart is heavy for the hard-heartedness of the people. Yet as quickly as he identifies and lament their true spiritual condition, his heart swells up with compassion and he raises his voice to say,

Are you tired? Worn out?
Come to me, 
all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads,
and I will give you rest
for I am gentle and humble in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls.
~ matthew 11v28-29

I am guessing you blew out a tired breath, and readily agreed, 'yes, I am tired Lord!'. 

Really, I have not met a soul who would say 'no'. 

We live in a soul-weary world. 

All the great beauty, lofty ideas and grand vistas fade away soon enough. Our soul needs a constant feast, and no one has time or resource for that.
All the happiness and ecstasy we may taste fade away soon enough too. Our soul needs a constant spring of intimacy and hope.

Into such a stark and dry landscape, Jesus stands up and offers us rest, rest for our souls.

Your truth
But sometimes, soul-weariness is already wired in us. We have gotten so used to it. 
Our minds are choked with sound bytes and idea-bits and datelines.
Our emotions are whirling with the temperature and the temptations.
Our wills are tussling with what we want and what we ought and more.

Rest sounds like a distant, unfamiliar thing, an impossibility even.

What then? 

Jesus simply says, 'come'.

Today, and in the next few days, can you schedule an appointment to go to Him? To show up - and then see...what happens...

it may be the dark quiet of the wee hours
it may be a lunch break
it may be stopping the car or getting off the ride and just sitting somewhere for ten minutes
it may be going to bed earlier, except you are not there to sleep

and if music helps to get you going, perhaps Jeremy Riddle's Full Attention --

a song to arrest your heart for Jesus

What does your soul need more of? 
What can it do less with? 

Jesus speaks of a yoke that is easy and a burden that is light -- for His strength in us. 
Strength we must soak up from Him. 
Strength that doesn't get sapped by our heavy-laden souls. Lighten your soul. Wrap it around the Saviour who alone can make us sing, 'it is well with my soul'.

more - with God's people
O share, share what you are willing to. Cracking open your heart can bring life to others. [write in the comments below or send me an email if you prefer doing that, bless you].


  1. I can really relate and agree on the importance of taking some time off to have a date with the lover of our soul.
    How often do we run with an empty tank and have no time to top it up. Our other priorities that seem to over-shadow the need to spend some quality time with Him. But praise be to God that He is always there waiting, waiting for us to go to Him.

    Thanks Ps Jenni for this reminder!

    1. it blows my mind to think GOD is waiting and wanting us to come to Him. can you think of anyone else who does that? dance already!! thanks for reminding us all !

  2. #3 I see some connection with #2. Sometimes we missed the drink precisely because we are carrying too much load (makes it even worse when we carry them ourselves!) So Yes, we should go to Him whose yoke is easy and light.
    - G Yip

    1. an overly heavy load can really burden us and we struggle and focus so much on it we forget to rest and drink. so true. thanks Grace!


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