27 Sep 2016

Next steps for destiny unfolding

When we feel pulled in many directions each day and as we watch a world that seems to unravel; it is easy to lose heart and even wonder if such a thing as destiny exists.

There are no easy answers for the poor little Syrian girl whose body is writhing in pain while her family cannot be found.
There are no easy answers for the family forever changed by the suicide of their teenager.
There are no easy answers for the old lady all alone in her tiny flat whose spouse has died and whose children are too busy to visit.

These are all real stories.

These too are real stories:


The Bible gives us stories that are grit-real and the answer that God changes the script when we turn to Him and trust in Him.

Our lives are not a pointless treadmill of trying to get on, ahead and stay alive.

Jesus came to live, die and rose from the dead to change that script forever. 

When we live into our destiny, our changed life scripts begin to inter-weave with other real, actual lives - maybe even in the lives of those far away, in despair, hopeless - and together, we say against all the odds stacked against us: there is another way to live!

In the last post, I shared 2 practical daily-life steps for living into our unfolding destiny.

The next 2 are:

3. What is my heart's burden/longing/inclination?

Think about what you brought you delight as a child. Think about what would make you jump out of bed to do, even if no one paid you. Think about the time(s) you felt alive. Think about a change you want to see happen.

You may come up with a few answers. See if there is any overlap or a theme. Wait on God for insight. You may find the word that comes could be -

life-giving beauty

With a sense of what this may be, redesign your routines so that it includes either learning more or being more involved in this area. 

This is something I still reflect on. What God has laid on our hearts sometimes get buried under years of doing what others expected, what we thought was the right thing to do, what we felt was needed to get ahead. Yes, we can uncover our true selves slowly as we peel back the layers. It can be scary, but it is definitely liberating!

This journey of discovery and growing confidence needs to be paired with the other step that keeps us humble and dependent on the Lord.

4. Growing to be ready for my destiny, what weaknesses do I need to overcome at this point, so that I can be ready to walk through the door God opens?

For many of us, a fear of failure and the loss of control straps us down to the status quo. Others really do resent change of any kind. 

Yet to grow is to change. Change is inevitable. We may as well take charge of the process rather than let our lives get overrun by changes we did not intentionally pray and work out.

When I tell people that I work as a life-coach*, they always say, "O counseling...". I have thought about it. Counseling is of immense value and I do seek help myself. But there is a huge difference. Counseling is typically crisis-driven. You see a counselor because you hit a crisis. I prefer to get people to be proactive, to look ahead and to seek wisdom before their lives hit a snag.

Consider what weakness(es) are limiting you. Do you tend to be negative, doubtful, worried, calculative?  Are you prone to laziness, gossip, disrespect?

Being brave to face our weakness is very critical. Our weaknesses creep up on us and disable us sometimes when we are about to make a difference.

I have a tendency to slip into melancholy and during those times, it is easy to become rather absorbed in my thoughts and emotions. As a result, I am unable to pick up cues or truly be present to others. It is a weakness I learnt can be overcome by noticing the danger zones.

Your destiny matters.

It makes a huge difference to the way you live daily.
It makes a huge difference for the people you will bless and impact (and perhaps a social change!)
It makes a huge difference to your relationship with God.

Let us live with intention, hope and faith.
Let us love others even as we live amazed that God's love gently intervenes in the script of our lives.
Let us marvel that our one small life is so treasured and loved by One so Great.

*I use this term in general as I welcome anyone to contact me for a conversation about their life. But the skills involved are pastoral, facilitation, mentoring, and spiritual direction (where it applies).

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